Welding Schools in Nevada | NV

There are many students in Nevada are trying to figure out what course of study to take on for their career. One of the fastest growing industries in Nevada is welding. There has been a huge increase in construction in the state of Nevada, and this has increased the need for welders that are able to add value to various construction projects through their work.

Requirements & Eligibility

One of the reasons that welding is an attractive for many students is the fact that there are far fewer requirements than most fields. Anyone taking the Nevada welding test must have a high school diploma. There are several different facets of the welding test, but it mostly boils down to showing an ability to make good welding lines. Anyone that is taking the test should practice many hours beforehand. Simply taking the test is not enough to pass, and the failure rate is pretty high on the first try. Always be sure to practice different phases of welding before going in to take the official test.

Application Process & Costs

There are several different steps to the application process for welding certifications in Nevada. First of all, a student must apply to take the test. Most of the people that apply are approved. The total cost of the test is around $1,000 for students taking it the first time. If a student does not pass the test, they will have to take the test again. However, the cost is a little less the second time simply because a lot of the cost is getting all of your information in to the system. Always be sure to double check all of your information when you submit it the first time.

Online Programs

There are a wide variety of online programs in the state of Nevada for students that are interested in welding. Many people that go in to the field of welding do so through the lens of owning their own business. Taking a couple of business classes can go a long way in making a business successful in this field. There are also a couple of general classes on the history of welding and different applications in the world today. However, welding is a not a degree program that can be completed completely online since the test is one that is hands on.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

There are several different welding licenses that a person can get in the state of Nevada. The most basic license is one that allows students to perform welding for customers with their own business or for a company. Anyone wanting to teach welding one day will have to get a higher level of certification from a college or school of their choice in Nevada. Along with more opportunities, this will also allow a person to make more money in their field. At the end of the day, this is one of the best ways to increase your career trajectory in welding.

Salary & Job Prospects

Another reason that many young students are interested in welding is the salary and job prospects that it offers. There are many people that are able to make good money in their first year out of school with their own welding business. There is currently a shortage of good welders in Nevada, and anyone that takes their craft seriously will have plenty of work in this field for the next couple of years. Anyone that is looking to have a good career with a low cost of investment should look at welding in Nevada.

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