Welding Schools in Albuquerque, New Mexico

You only have one life to live, and most have to goal to do that as successfully as possible. If you are in a job you simply don’t enjoy or have always felt you had what it would take to make a great welder, taking the step to enroll in a college program is the first advancement toward an exciting career you’ll be happy to wake up for each day.

List of Welding Programs in Albuquerque, NM

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The career-focused programs at WyoTech can give you the hands-on training you need to succeed. Program areas includemechanics, technician training, and technology.


  • Automotive Technology
  • Collision/Refinishing Technology
  • Light Duty Diesel
  • And more…
Locations:  Laramie

Penn Foster offers affordable, self-paced career-focused distance education programs in fields like business, criminal justice, health services, technology, engineering, paralegal studies and more.


  • Auto Repair Technician
  • HVACR Technician
  • Motorcycle Repair Technician
  • And more…

Stratford Career Institute can help you earn your diploma from home in as little as six months, thanks to their proven study methods.


  • Auto Mechanics
  • Electrician

Requirements & Eligibility

Most welding programs don’t require anything other than a high school diploma or GED in order to enroll in their coursework. While this may seem simple enough, you should also consider whether you have the necessary skills to make it in welding. Some of the talents that will really help you succeed in this exciting industry include:

  • Patience while working on lengthy projects
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Good hand/eye coordination
  • Good math and science skills

Application Process & Costs

Once you’ve decided you want to enroll in a welding certification program, you’ll have to go through the application process, and it’s a lot easier than many expect. After all, since most colleges make their applications available online, you can fill it out in the comfort of your home. Further instruction will be provided once you submit the initial application.

Many can become intimidated by the costs of a welding degree as they can easily add up. A four year degree could cost around $15,000, for example. However, you must consider a few facts such as:

  • This is an investment in your future that will pay back as you begin to earn your salary.
  • There are certificates you can aim for that are far cheaper than degrees.
  • Financial aid can help you cover costs until you get out in the workforce.

Online Programs

A growing number of certifications are available to earn online to accommodate busy schedules. Just a few of them you could consider in order to make your life less complicated include:

  • 3G FCAW Welding
  • 3G MIG Welding
  • 3G SMAW Welding
  • 4G SMAW Welding
Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

Once you have received your initial certifications, you don’t have to renew unless you accept certain positions. For example, as a welding inspector, you’d be expected to renew annually by taking tests and paying fees.

Salary & Job Prospects

Now is a great time to take advantage of welding courses. Over the next decade, it’s expected that the need for qualified welders will be increasing by six to seven percent. This means more jobs will become available as those finishing their degrees get out into the job market. Even better, the median salary is around $36,300. With time and experience, this number could rise to as high as $75,000.

Making the Most of Your Life

After high school, it can be difficult to imagine going to more classes. However, the fact remains that nearly half the U.S. population now has a some type of college degree. This means employers are becoming used to having applicants who have furthered their education, and this puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to getting the job you really want. If you have a steady hand and a good eye for detail, welding training could be a great chance to increase your potential and embark on a career that will allow you to make the most of your life.

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